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We love women at Stephens residence

15, Feb 2014 By khushmahila

I thought it was Women and Feminism. Well, I got the wrong image, maybe.

14th February evening is an amazing and memorable evening in St Stephens College, Delhi. The boys of the Allnutt North Gentlemen Association (ANGA) take pride in taking an oath which says:

We the people of ANGA,

Have solemnly resolved
To Constitute ANGA
Into a Paramount Egalitarian Fellowship And to Secure to all its members-
Justice- Social, Sexual and Sentmental
Liberty- to philander exclusively with women Equality- of status and opportunity
And to promote among them all Feminism
Assuring the diginity of the individual
And the Unity of ANGA

Hail ANGA!!

Then the boys of the block click photographs, have ice creams and go out and enjoy with women, girlfriends, sisters, fellow block mates. It is because they respect the fact that women exist and they exist because women do. They take the OATH very seriously, and it is a tradition that has been there for years.

The girls who live in the college really love this tradition, as it is a beautiful time to see all their friends, friends whom they love, whom they adore and whom they care about taking an oath of loving women, caring for them and adoring them for life.It is a proud day for Stephanians, and one feels glad to be a member of this institution.  It defies all notions of sexism attached to this college. St Stephens has the motto “To the Glory of God”, and as Stephanians know God made Women to give birth to humans, they appreciate this fact on the Day of Love.

This image is not Photoshopped and this is the image the report is trying to satirize. This is the truth behind the article.)