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USA plans to Invade Pakistan to hunt for WMDs, thanks to Fazal Ur Rehman

04, Jun 2015 By dashy

Fazal-ur-Rehman has finally managed to find out the real reason for calamities happening on the earth. Not only Earthquakes but also Inflation happens because Women Wear Jeans!

Okay, sometimes when I see a Woman in a well fitting jeans, the Earth does shake for me, but this is taking the statement  a wee bit too seriously.

According to this brilliant chap, if women are not covered like a “Sack Of Flour”, they are a mobile Weapon of Mass Destruction and that Pakistan has numerous such nuclear missiles in all its major cities.

I am not sure if Rehman finds a Sack Of Flour erotic, but then different people have different tastes, so, maybe!

The Great Scholar has also asked the Pakistani army to launch a military operation against the Pakistani Women.

The Pakistani Army said they will look into the matter once they finish watching the Pakistan Zimbabwe Cricket series. They have ordered a large batch of Jute Sacks for this operation on CheapCart, which is Pakistan’s alternative to the popular Flipcart.

Upon hearing this the US govt has quickly launched a number of drones over all Pakistani cities hunting for Weapons of Mass Destruction and these hidden Nuclear Missiles.

My drunk sources also came up with a report of Barrack Obama planning a full scale invasion of Pakistan, much like they did with Iraq, to hunt for the WMDs.

The only thing holding the US back, is that Pakistan doesn’t have any oil.

When my sources contacted BJP PM Modi’s office, they were told that the PM is busy packing his bags for his Israel visit and would comment on this incident only on Twitter.

Apparently, Fazal Ur Rehman, did not get this information from Modi like in the case of the Nepal PM during the Earthquake.

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, however, being the true Brand Ambassador of Pakistan Tourism has allegedly quoted that “All Indian Women who cant live without wearing Jeans should go to Pakistan”.

But, I don’t think anyone is going to take up that offer, even if free flight tickets are offered 😉

Disclaimer: There is no problem with women wearing Mini skirts, so perhaps the women is Pakistan should shed the jeans and opt for Mini skirts instead?? Now that would be a treat 😛