Sunday, 18th March, 2018

The logic behind Sheila Dikshit's logic

19, Dec 2012 By Anil Sharma

Maybe this is the “family of 5”, Sheila Dikshit was talking about:

(1). Swami Agnivesh: He can drink his own pee and (eat his own shit?).

(2). Rahul Gandhi: He can visit poor Dalit’s houses and eat there for free.

(3). Lalu Prasad Yadav: He prefers provender (fodder) over any other food, so he can easily join the herd. He even likes their company.

(4). Salman Khurshid: He can easily steal from handicapped, his wife Louis can help him as well.

(5). Manmohan Singh: We don’t know if this guy eats or not but we are damn sure that he will not open his mouth. So, it’s free as long as science catch up.

We can even invite guests within that budget of Rs. 600/-. For example: Anna Hazare.

So, this was the logic behind Sheila Dikshit’s statement. No matter whatever happening in Delhi, her last name has started making sense to us.