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The Dawn of the Engineers

12, Jun 2015 By asa2107

In a span of only 50 years, India has transformed from being a land of Snake-charmers to a land of Engineers. 1.5 million engineers are churned out every year by more than 4000 Engineering colleges in India. The safest bet to Roti, Kapda, Makaan for the middle class Indian and the lure of Green Card have fueled this engineering plague.

Everyone knows Engineers are a different breed. Coming of age for the engineers is when they enter the hallowed gates of the college. As soon as they cross the gates, the powers that have been lying dormant inside them are awoken. To understand what makes engineers unique, a top-secret study was conducted by the Govt of India across the 4000+ engineering colleges . The study was funded by the corporate triumvirate (TCS + Infosys + HCL) because, of course, they have the biggest stake in the (bright?) future engineers of the country.

The Million Dollar question

The access to the detailed report of the study is available to only 5 persons. Maybe it will be declassified in 50 years along with the files of Martian Landings and How KRK is alive even without a brain. It just so happens that I know 1 of the 5 persons with access to the report, and on the condition of anonymity the person has agreed to share some excerpts of the report. So here it goes,

“To Homo sapiens, his mutant cousin Homo engineerialis, was an aberration. The arrival of the mutation human species, Homo engineerialis, however poses no immediate threat as their powers lie latent and exhibited only during four years of engineering education. Moreover, majority of them fail to realise the extent and nature of their true power…… “

“The Homo engineerialis can be classified into 7 distinct types each having unique traits. Each Homo engineerialis exhibits the traits of a particular type more strongly , although it is not uncommon to exhibit traits from more than one type by the same individual…..”


pie chart

What particularly caught my attention was the recognition of Gamers as a distinct type of engineer and truly so, they have finally got the recognition they deserve.

“Gamers among them are the most gifted lot. Super reflexes, heightened senses of vision and hearing compared to normal human beings and exhibiting calmness in extremely stressful situations are just some of the things that make gamers a force to reckon with…”

But, the secret Govt study is not the only one to identify gamers as someone special. Harvard Business School (HBS) has already set the wheels into motion for tapping the advantages of gaming. AnIITian NRIan, Dean of HBS, in an exclusive interview,talked about the new compulsory course that is being launched for Harvard MBA graduates.

“The case method of teaching that we embody has proven to be very successful so far. But, we want to explore unique, innovative, inclusive and creative learning method for the leaders of tomorrow.

Our research has shown that handling intense pressure environments and split second decision making are vital attributes for a leader which are quintessentially exhibited by gamers. Team building and achieving impossible tasks using teamwork are also second nature to gamers. That is why, we are proud to introduce the Gaming 101 course where our MBA students will play games like CS, AOE, DOTA, etc. to learn the nuances of leadership.

Only some of the Leaders are born. The others can learn through gaming.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Amen.

PS: Ralph Baer, the father of video games, must be looking down from heaven and smiling at how his invention is shaping the future of human species.