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The actual use of Facebook

14, Mar 2014 By modernengineer

When Zuckerberg put up a website named TheFacebook, his thought process was to connect people through internet. People, first on campus, then out of it and then finally the whole world.

The idea behind the website being that people who want to stay connected with each other can do so at the simple click of a mouse. They can share the pictures they want with others, write on their wall, chat with them and poke them (something whose purpose is yet to be discovered).

However nowhere in this universe would Zuckerberg have ever thought that one day down the road his creation would be turned into nothing but a well of Likes and Comments for insecure and socially awkward people. The whole concept of Social Network(title of Movie on Facebook) has been struck with a huge thumbs up (LIKE) and battered by many comments to kick Social out of the window from the word and leave only network.

The Social Stalker

If you have been spying enough on Facebook, you will notice that pretty girls with a minimum of 100+ likes on her pics and many comments. Especially in India this has become a new phenomenon with the loafers where they do not scourge the bus stops and college canteens for unnecessarily and annoyingly complementing girls. They now do so on Facebook by commenting “Beautiful”, “Cute”, “Hot” etc. on her facebook pics. But then girls do leave it open for others to like and comment, with some doing so without the knowledge that they can actually disallow non friends to comment and others doing so simply to increase the number of likes and comments. So, somewhere down the road there would practically be no stalkers on road but everyone in cyber cafes.

Like and Comment While we are on the likes and comments topics, how often have you received a request from a friend such as “Please Like my pic :-)” or “Pic dekh Like Kar dena “, or even desperate ones such as “thoda Like kar de na please” and also “Comment karna mat bhulna”. The vision for Facebook as a source of connection between people has turned into a game of likes and comments with people doing everything and anything to keep the likes and comments going. The desperate ones even having conversations on posts. People can now go 2 days without food but they would loose their sleep if their profile picture doesn’t get higher number of likes than the previous one.

The One too many Tags

If you are a regular or irregular user of Facebook, you would have seen or even experienced you or your friend being tagged in a photo in which you are not even there and sometimes not even in a 100Km radius of the picture. Welcome to the world of free tagging. Here we have a set of people who want everyone to see what they have done/got/are thinking/want to have etc. So, the taggers will tag you along with 30-40 odd people just so as to show everyone what they want to show. While some may be useful, oh what the hell, while all of these are useless, they also burn a hole in your notifications which annoyingly keep tingling you with who has commented or liked a pic of yours when you are not even in the pic.

The Socially Awkward Network

Finally we visit the ones who actually have all the above traits, while individual traits might be found in some people in your friend lists, the socially awkward ones are the ones who have all of these traits. He/She will be the one who has a lot and believe me A LOT of friends on Facebook, right from the neighbours to the milkman and would dutifully like and comment on each of their pics and posts. However, when they come face to face with those very people, they will behave as if they do not even know these people exist. They will then go home and then initiate a chat or conversation on FB regarding how he/she saw them that day just hours ago, and how they didn’t talk with mouth but are doing so by clicking keys now.

All said and done, Zuckerberg would never have thought his social network could have so many use, he has the people to thank for it.