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Story of a juvenile convict becoming who went on to become a leading spiritual guru

02, Sep 2013 By jaffa

Dec 31, 2020: Even as the New Year eve celebrations are happening across country, a small crowd gathered under a peepal tree to hear pravachans of Guru Nitya-asha Nirmalam Bapu. In his trademark style, he began to give his spiritual discourses to disciples.

“When a woman can’t escape rape, she has to chant God’s name, fall at the feet of attackers and call them brothers. This will pacify the ego of attackers and they will gladly accept her as sister” said Guruji. Unconvinced by the argument, an innocent disciple asked “But the attackers are driven by lust and not by ego?” “Moorkh, since lust is born out of ego, what I said is final!” Guruji stormed.

Asaram Bapu
“Hai Main Sadke Javan” on seeing a girl in his ashram.

Another disciple questioned “In that case, why are 3-year old kids and 60-year old grandmothers raped?” A small-time politician in the crowd said “I can understand the rape of a young woman but not of kids.” Guruji gently stroked his beard, looked at the sky and said “It is a karmic activity on which humans have no control and hence you cannot understand.” Enlightened, the leader said “Now I understand.”

“What triggers a rape?” asked a wannabe psychologist in the crowd. He squirmed as everyone looked genuinely astonished at his ignorance. “Obviously, the revealing outfit of girls” said a Khap. “It is the mistake of a girl to come out after the sun sunset” said a constable.  “It is all because of porn” said the leader. “Under the influence of alcohol, rapists earn the right to rape” said a wine shop owner. Guruji thought it doesn’t require him to enlighten public on this question.

Intrigued by all this, our reported asked “It seems you are supporting the rapists. Have you ever been involved in a rape case?” The aggrieved disciples were about to attack but thankfully Guruji waved his hand and silenced them. He gestured the reporter to sit beside him and said in a hushed voice “I served a 3 year jail term on rape and murder charges about 8 years ago.” “Only 3 years?” flabbergasted reporter asked. “Yes. Though I did that in full consciousness, the judge thought that my mind was not matured enough as I was only a juvenile.While I was in jail I met few spiritual leaders who were sentenced on charges of rape and I gained this knowledge through them.” “Why are you telling me all this?” asked reporter. “Its simple. Since you are a faking news reporter, no one will believe you” Guruji said. And he signaled the reporter to move out as he is going to begin kamini devi prasanna yagam with few foreign ladies in the interiors of the ashram.