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Seven things that Narendra Modi has done correctly so far

03, Jun 2014 By Gaurav Mehrotra

No, I am not a Narendra Modi supporter. Do I believe that he was the right choice considering all other option available? Yes. Do I believe that he might be a good leader? Yes. Do I believe that he has too many expectations that have been dumped on his head because of the way he has lead team BJP to a historic and almost unprecedented victory? Yes. Do I believe that because of all those add expectations, his FIRST reign MIGHT not be as good as people would hope it to be? Yes.

However all said and done, Narendra Modi took his oath and became India’s 15th Prime Minister surrounded by the country’s who’s who of politics and stalwarts from other fields. Till now he hasn’t taken a wrong step, or so it seems. People have already touted him as the next Messiah, have drawn comparisons on how a Gujarati expelled a foreign mame from the country (India is no short on hyperbole and allegory) and how the calendar of 1947 matches that of 2014.

All those bullshit aside, let’s see what are all the things that he has done till now, that have caused people to have an orgasmic reaction similar to that of Katrina Kaif’s in almost every advertisement that she is in (I mean seriously, whatssup with those facial expressions?). Keep in mind, all these reasons are a mixture of facts and fiction from my mind (and therefore they might not prove to be the measuring parameters that the experts might provide).

What Modi has done so far

What I think it means

What it might actually mean

Inviting SAARC ministers, especially Nawaz Sharif for the swearing-in He wants improved relationships with these countries and wants to start new and improved bilateral agreements He is bored of the stupid Gujarati food and actually wants to try some kebabs. Things that make you go Yummmmm!
Saying that not all work done by the UPA government was bad and the only problem was bad governance and execution of these plans He wants the former government and now opposition to work with him in his plans for welfare and development of the country Lowers the expectation on himself and eases the weight off the “56 inch ka seena” of his. Must be a huge burden
Bowing down and touching the steps of parliament with his forehead Indians are considered to be those who always moan and bitch about their work (jobs). He is trying to show that he treats his job above everything else and is going to treat his office as a temple for worship Constipated stomach due to excess of thepla and other Gujarati sweets and dishes. Creates some space to let one loose. Excellent thinking
Banning lobbyists from Gujarat bhawan He is the man when it comes to decision making and he will not be influenced by anybody, let alone some lobbyists He is a staunch supporter of technology. Even after him possessing an iPad and a laptop if they still try and get him to talk in person instead of using Facetime or Skype, then these idiots should be banned
Not getting complacent and looking down on either UPA, AAP and other opponents He is humble in his victory and wants a collaborative effort from the parliament for the various laws and ordinances that would require the passing He knows these clowns will present him with multiple opportunities down the line. No need to hurry
Asking the department heads to create a report on bottlenecks He would know of the problems that UPA faced and can avoid or reform the measures which are required for better functioning Secretly creating a database of all the Congress Babus who can then be kidnapped and sent to Kejriwal for torture.
Choking, stopping in between his speech and crying twice. Considered to be a mechiavellianistic business-man, he wants to show that he has emotions as well Showing Kejru, “Beta beta hota hai, aur baap baap!”

In other news, Karan Johar says that comparison between Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor is unfair. We know that KJo. Alia’s IQ is under 50 while Bebo’s belong to the category of size 0-5. We can’t compare them.