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Salman starts classes for "How To Get Out of Jail for Dummies 2.0"

08, May 2015 By dashy

Salman Khan is out on bail !!!!

In, probably, one of the fastest proceedings ever, our dear Hero, everyone’s sweetheart, Salman Khan, has got out of going to jail within a couple of days.

The only time someone has managed to do this is when you use your “Get out of Jail Free” Card in Monopoly.

Infact, this happened faster than Arnab Goswami can shut someone up on the News Hour.

Salman Khan has gone ahead to prove that Being Superhuman is better than Being Human 😉

That said, the entire Bollywood is queuing up at Galaxy Apartments to meet Sallu Bhai.

No, its not to congratulate him, but to enroll in his recently started course of “How to Get Out of Jail For Dummies 2.0”

Shiney Ahuja was the first person to take admissions for this course, if my drunk sources are to be believed.

The Course will be taught by Salman himself, with guest lectures from Harish Salve.

The Course will not only have special classes for “How to Drink and Drive on Pavements” but will also train Drivers, giving them tips on loyalty towards their Masters.

There will also be a special class for learning “Kite Flying”, coz you never know when such skills might come in handy 😉

The Advertisement jingle is going to be sung by Abhijeet Bhattacharya and will be composed on the lines of the famous “Die Like a Dog Quartet” 😛

That said, while the course promises to excel you in the art of staying free, it does not make any promises about you Being Human.

The admissions to the course are already open, however, the Rights to Admission are reserved.

Small Time Police Constable Bodyguards are restricted from joining this course as, for one, they wont be able to afford the fees and secondly, someone has to go to Jail, you know.

In an unrelated news, my drunk sources have also reported that, Sanjay Dutt was seen busily undoing the smaller bunk he had asked to put up in his cell.

Apparently, his Bhai is not going to bunk there so soon 😉

Disclaimer: This is to clarify that my Drunk sources did not drive their own cars, they walked, everywhere they went. Any casualties which might be found on the footpaths of Bandra, cannot and should not be blamed on them. (Psst they have joined the course too) 😛