Saturday, 24th February, 2018

Sab bhagwan ki marzi hai !!

21, Feb 2013 By badtothebone

I smoke ,use foul language{almost every time things dont go my way} moment things went wrong i say “sab bhagwan ki marji hai”..who is bhagwan?? a super natural thing that lives inside every possible thing {i am not sure but as far as my parents told me n their parents told them } god is a super natural assumption which lives inside us {it is the most convenient place for us to hide our protector or our guide so that we human can use him every time we commit any mistake.

Things become so complicated when every minute of life i have to decide what is right n what is wrong..for first cigarette i smoked my conscience told me its wrong aseem..but my urge of smoking gave me a nice idea to smoke that even sai baba {one of several hindu god} smokes a chilam in his days.. n then idiot brain messing my thoughts that kya ye bhagwan ki marji hai?? {here i want to mention a fact brain only starts working when u almost finished Ur mistake or crime not before as if it goes to local anesthesia when u r committing any think nonsense} my case it started working when i was literally sucking last drag of my 6 rs. precious cigarette {not to forget that was a huge amount in my school days} so when i was dragging butt n moment it burns my lips my brain get an electric current to start messing noodles {scientifically they call them veins and arteries but for me they are always noodles} in my head and that exact moment a precious and valuable thought of its own kind took birth that “kya ye bhagwan ki marji thi” that i smoked???

Why its so convenient to say “sab bhagwan ki marji hai” i mean in every iota of Ur mistake u r the one who is responsible but still its so easy to say its that super natural power who controls everything u u committed an accident and nearly killed someone its god uski hi marji se tum bach gaye or may be if u killed some poor fellow, its again poor god comes in the picture and we say hai bhagwan ye tumne kya kiya??{oh god what have u done?} as if god was driving that time..but still its very convenient to say sab bhagwan ki marji hai after all we ppl  letting him live inside us free of cost so that he can be handy in those moments of sheer nonsense when we do something wrong and we need someone to blame and who can be more appropriate than a “thing”/”person” who can not come to proof his innocence no matter what..

But even this god fellow is very funny and smart sometimes..he suddenly do something so unusual that u start thinking ki bhagwan ka prakop hai..{its god who is angry and giving punishment to his followers} for example he stops rain to flood our cities..{this example has some side effects also like some time he rains so much that we ppl start complaining}..

So in short this tenant or say free tenant of our heart named god can be lethal n smart to punish his followers also..why he do so??{ just think every time Ur sibling committed any mistake and Ur parents screwed u for his/her mistake just because he/she told them that it was u who did it then how u felt?? or Ur fast friend {a friend who runs fast IN DIFFERENT DIRECTION whenever u need him d most} tell teacher that it was u who cheated his paper in exams,  when you were honest enough and felt pride to fail honestly by just writing your name and roll no..{ like i use to do several times when question paper looks like my angry father and i don’t have an idea that why the hell i am here in this class room where i am feeling like socially outcast,where every word of this question paper looks like some zoo zoo letters  },then how u felt?? just like that this god fellow sometimes hurt himself by our in return he take revenge in its own way of tsunamis,Katerina,quakes,volcanoes n by some other dangerous words..

At last moral of this shit is??

I don’t know  god i don’t know his power i don’t know what is right and what is wrong but what i know is every time i do anything right or wrong its because of you {god} my dear..i don’t want to change it as it gives me strength that i am not alone that  there is someone whom i can rely on that he will take blame for my sin.

After all that’s a very small favor {rent,for my heart where u r staying with thousands of Ur friends n family members} i am taking from you GOD.