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Rohan Gavaskar, Arnab Goswami and Nana Patekar to contest for PM post

16, Jan 2014 By greengraphene

The prime concern for us is about ‘The high voltage’ debates that are going on as in who is the best. Different groups of various parties support various people for PM.

Perhaps most of us have understood things differently. I thought the PM race is between Rahul,  Arvind and Modi, but, there are more eligible candidates whose potentials are discussed here.

To me I would field

1) Rohan Gavaskar (RoGa) instead of Rahul Gandhi(RaGa)

2) Arnab Goswami (ArGo) instead of Arvind Kejriwal (ArKe)

3) Nana Patekar (NaPa) instead of Narendra Modi (NaMo)

I personally feel Rohan Gavaskar (RoGa) is the most deserving candidate. For him, playing for team India is his birth right and playing for ICL is his hobby.  In case of RaGa, being PM of India is his birth right, tearing ordinance is his hobby and nobody else has the right to question that. RoGa is better than RaGa because, both don’t play responsible for smaller roles like playing for Mumbai ever or taking up a ministry in the last 9+ years. Both are born winners.  Anything other than playing for team India is inferior for RoGa and anything other than PM post is inferior for the dignity and family ethics of RaGa. In 3 idiots Aamir says, only when given a chance, there is Sachin and Rahman. This logic perfectly holds fits for the above two. Please guys give them a chance.

Both Arnab Goswami and Arvid Kejriwal are well known for their oratory skills. They always claim to have facts and papers in their hands, just that it is not visible to others eyes. They can keep talking for many hours without facts and their own senses. When it comes to give away promises, mostly spontaneous and ones they themselves are clueless, nobody ‘Never ever, ever ever, ever never, never ever’ have had such generosity. They are the most patriotic people and representative of common man. In SRKs words, dont under estimate the power of a ‘NO common sense’ man. I would field Arnab instead of Arvind for flooding out unreal and impossible promises and facts.

Narendra Modi and Nana Patekar share similarities like rough look. They both come out in public with beards. Both are very good presenters. Both are villagers now living in city. They are care-free of any other stuffs cooking up in the industry, also about those against them. Both have very poor history knowledge. Both are old and are not youths. Both can be interviewed but never their views shall be taken straight to the public. I would rather field Patekar instead of Modi for his natural way of life.

The need of the hour for my nation is for consistency. I shall vote for M.K. Alagiri, Jaganmohan Reddy, Abhisek Bachan and so on because it’s good that they naturally should execute their birth rights.

The need of the hour for my nation is just a change to rule. Tomorrow if some  Pakistani youth comes telling he will give us Pakistan passport, I will go behind him, because all I need is a change to lead me. I am totally OK with the fact that my cabinet minister shall give my land to another nation. Take food from my plate and call for a referendum.

Now, the word act is how one shall understand it. I shall do my acts perfectly. Patriotism is a sin. Calling for a united and developed India is communal because in Sholay Amitabh spoke dialogues that are communal.

Perhaps I would suggest the names like Rohit Sharma, Akilesh yadav, Nithish Kumar, etc to replace the odd names of the three contenders for their already proven skills and talent.

I would be very proud to say out to all that a dumb-head man with birth right or a man with never ever dry going well of promises shall rule me and my nation.

– Karthik Subramanian