Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Review of Friday 16th Release: Modi 300+ 'Prepare For Glory'

18, May 2014 By zaggernaut

Some thoughts on the results-

1)Mr Kejri took a train to Delhi via Benaras ( From Indirapuram, NCR). Not only he missed the major stop in Benaras, the train missed all 7 Delhi stops and dropped him somewhere in Punjab.  With a glass of aam aadmi’s lassi, Arvind paji is now busy writing some ‘How-to’ reports for Dummies- ‘ How to go from 28 to 0 without dieting’,  ‘ How to kill a bird in hand for a bigger bird in the bushes’ etc.

2) What will happen to Behenji’s four godzilla( also released in 3d today) bungalows in Delhi, now when she has earned a big ZERO? At least she will save on rakhis this year as all her brothers have deserted her. She must be commended for keeping her pre-poll vow of not to support BJP even after the polls.

3) SP must be thanking Netaji for an extended family. Else they also would have secured an ANDA. They are now seriously planning to quicken up the agitation for a separate state. How else would a 5 MP ( not mega pixel) party churn out CMs?

4) Sonia and Baba are so lonely in UP. Only if Priyanka would also have contested on a minimum of two seats. And Mr V maybe! At least they could beat Neta ji’s family.

5) It’s so apt that our Aviation minister Mr Ajit Singh also lost. Sad that he was the first of ‘fallen ministers’ on 16th May. The man hellbent on sinking the Air India now plummets to ground himself. Thanks to Ex-Mumbai CP Satyapal singh, who always rose to the occasion throughout his career.

6) Baba Ramdev can’t stop sharing his old FB post where he predicted 300 for Modi ji and under 100 for Gandhi’s. His half smile is getting broader by the minute. He is expected to leave to Switzerland any moment to bring back a ship of minted cash.

Public Notice: Mr V***a could be seen in Switzerland with large stuffed bags. Anybody visiting there please alert Baba Ramdev. Also, I am a bit concerned if all the ‘model shops’ (alcohol not playboy models) will be converted to tea stalls pan India.

By Hersh Bhardwaj