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Republic Day Special: Thank You to Our Army!

24, Jan 2013 By sarthak


The Indian Army

SUBJECT: Thanks buddy!

I am one ordinary citizen of the country whose security guard you are. I got to know that on 26th Jan, while I will be enjoying holiday sleeping in my bed, you all will be marching early morning along the Rajpath and the father of that Abhijit Mukherjee will be accepting your salaamiI was so much impressed, that you will be doing overtime even on a holiday, that I have decided to write a Thank You letter for you.

1. I would like to Thank You all for providing such a secure environment to our politicians, that they don’t have to fear once before doing any crime.

2. I would like to Thank You for fighting all those Kargil and other wars, so that we can enjoy movies made upon them.

3. Thank You for ensuring security at a cricket stadium, so that we ordinary people can show our real patriotism by cheering for those 11 real heroes of our country.

4. Thank You for bearing the stones thrown by public in any protest, when those stones are actually meant our ministers.

5. Thank You for ensuring that no other country men can kill us, so that we can kill ourselves through drinking and chewing tobacco.

6. Thank You for using substandard weapons, so that we can top as a nation to have maximum deposits in a Swiss bank.

7. Thank You for being the peons of your high ranking officers and cleaning their houses which they have got in societies like Adarsh.

8. Thank You for protecting people like me who can only think and talk, but never DO anything.

9. Thank You for giving company to the inmates of Tihar and to the chickens at a butcher shop,  that they are not the only ones who are forced to live in inhuman conditions for whom no one cares.

10. Thank You for giving up your lives in an already populated country.

11. And the warmest Thank You for gifting your heads to our neighbors so that we can maintain a friendly relations with them.

Please accept my Thank Yous for an otherwise thankless job.

Yours and only because of You,

A Shameless Citizen of India.

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