Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

Please, save my blog about IIPM from getting killed!!!

16, Feb 2013 By idiot420

Dear Faking News,

Heard today that IIPM is on a URL killing spree with help of DoT after prophecy “IIPM Empire will be destroyed by a webpage”. Although the prophecy happened in Russia’s horizon accompanied by a Meteorite hit, we are feeling it’s post affect in Indian cyberspace.

On order of IIPM, all URLs containing anti IIPM contents are being killed brutally. Level of cold bloodedness can be gauzed by the fact that they have blocked whole in place of blocking its particular URLs.

Being a amateur blogger, I am very afraid and have every reason to be afraid. I have an infant blog post about IIPM in my possession and I fear that it will be killed very soon. Here is the link to blog post. It’s a terrible and restless night for me, I can’t see my blog post dying in front of my eyes.

Even while typing this letter to you, I am refreshing link of my blog now and then to check if it’s still alive. So keeping stone on my heart, i am taking this tough decision to separate this blog from me and place it somewhere in safe hands, where it can live a secure life in disguise.

If this is the same page which was talked about in prophecy, God give this blog post strength so that someday when it’s grownup, it will destroy the whole lawless empire. So that one day it can become Krishna or Harry Potter and kill Vlodemort or Kansa whatever it is. But as of now it seeks a safe shelter. Please, save it !!!!!

Regards, A helpless blogger.