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Picture Description: Lesson for Men and Women

01, Nov 2013 By sharadmani

Generally picture description is a kind of assignment students in primary schools do. However in this effort FN offered similar but specially designed assignment for adult men and women to help re-understand their respective positions on several issues.

The picture for this assignment and half a dozen plus selected observations recorded by few scholar students are given below:

Malala Yousafzai meeting President Obama and family

  1. It is ok if paint shade of the wall and paint shade of the door is same. There is no point in insisting that using same shades for both is unaesthetic.

  2. If fabric of the sofa and the fabric of the side chairs is not the same, the cause cant always be ‘cost cutting’.

  3. Even if there is not a single flower in the living room it is ok. No need to jump to the conclusion… “not everyone can afford it”.

  4. Across ages, continents and religions, women sit very carefully keeping both the feet close to each other and the same may not be true with men, irrespective of his position and authority.

  5. While hurriedly sitting on the chair, if trousers’ bottoms are raised almost 6” up from both the shoes, chill! It need not be termed as ‘typical untidiness of men’

  6. If you put a dozen apples just piled in a cane basket, and not serve in crystal crockery, it is not always a bad hospitality.

  7. Women across the continents love colorful attire; but men, for example, one in the chair and two in wall-frames, are comfortable in boring blacks.

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