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Open Letter to Soundarya Rajnikanth Ashwin

02, Jun 2014 By pulliraja

Dear Soundarya,

First of all I congratulate you for being born the daughter of our superstar. How lucky can you get? As if being the daughter of the superstar isn’t enough, you get to direct a movie with him as the lead actor. I don’t have to tell you how many directors have stood in queue outside your house to make a film with your dad. When experienced (and deserving) directors were turned down, you get to direct him in your first movie. Yet, what do you do with this opportunity?

Soundarya reacts after reading letter.
Soundarya reacts after reading letter.

Do you know how hard it is being a Thalaivar fan in Tamilnadu? With all these pseudo fans claiming to be a Thalaivar fan and going to first day first show just to update fb statuses, the life of the original ardent fan becomes quite tough. It is we who stand in queue for four hours to book a ticket while these pseudos block a complete show using internet. It is we who perform poojas and “Beer Abishekam” to his cutouts. And it is we who watch Kochadaiyaan repeatedly to make it a blockbuster.

Do you know how difficult it is to defend this movie from the critics and others who make fun of this movie? “I have watched cartoons in local Chutti TV with better graphics than this movie.” said my friend to me. What comeback can I possibly say to this friend of mine? Your dad is the coolest dad in the world and he let you direct a film with him. But did you atleast realize the huge responsibility in your hands?

Yes, you were the first to introduce Motion capture in Indian cinema and this may be a revolution of sorts or something else as you say. But do you think you were the best person to introduce such an advanced technology, while there are more deserving and experienced directors who could have done a better job than you? Tell me honestly, did you have the satisfaction after completing the movie? Was your dad OK with the output you gave? Any true Rajni fan, will not speak ill of this movie to anyone. We can only suffer in silence. This doesn’t mean that we all like this movie. Yet we put on a brave face saying, “this movie rocks”.

What is done cannot be undone. So I have only one sincere request for you- Please do not direct anymore movie with our superstar.