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Next generation cost cutting by Companies "Replace humans with pigeons"

11, Nov 2014 By sidhutejinder

Now a days companies are seeking revolutionary ideas to increase efficiency and bring down cost.

Recently during an informal discussion among colleagues one of such revolutionary ideas stuck our management.

Why don’t we replace human beings with pigeons. ..?

Management could not stop thinking about benefits of doing so.

Here are few of major benefits a company are going to get by replacing humans with pigeons:

1  Pigeons will be ultra-low cost. In fact they may not need salary at all !!!

2  Pigeons can easily work extra hours as they do not have much of personal life!!

3  Pigeons can stay and live in office as they need very compact space to take rest!!

4  Work station space will be reduced as they do not need big space!!

5  Pigeons will be take very small quantity of food thereby further reducing extra burden on companies!!

6  Pigeons will also not need any tea breaks thereby increasing the working time further!!

7  Pigeons will always have working lunch on their work station thereby further increasing the work efficiency!!

8  Pigeons can use their Beak for quickly typing the email and send!!

9  Pigeons can quickly fly to their colleagues workstations and come back hence saving further time!!

10  Pigeons will always talk in one language hence no difference of opinion!!

11 Pigeons can work on weekends as well thereby giving additional man-hours required for efficiency!!

12 Pigeons will not increase their expectation time and again for additional money or post!!

Management arrived on absolute agreement of above benefits is such a small time that this thought itself scared us!

We decided to put our best as we feared our jobs will be taken over by pigeons!