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New year wishes for India

03, Jan 2014 By Mahesh Jagga

Note: The wishes expressed here are not fake. But MSM credibility being what it is, this is the right place for them.

My new year wishes to India & Indians.

May God give Delhi the prosperity to pay their water & electricity bills and valour to protect the womenfolk.

May Mumbaikar’s life be without potholes. May they have so much rain that no one has to urinate in the reservoirs.

May West Bengal have the strength to survive neo Left & Left, may their intellectual prowess overcome the headless chickens masquerading as leaders.

May Bihar have the astuteness to escape the vicious whirlpool of fake secularism & casteism. May they attain the escape velocity to get out of special status begging bowl.

May UP & AP get the help of God & Rajnikant to uncomplicate themselves & get out of the clutches of self serving politicians.

May Haryana Khaps take a leap of two centuries. May the girl child survive & prosper.

May Punjab have the sagacity to understand that the patriotism is the strongest intoxicant, gives the strongest kick.

May J&K have the insight that losing a generation in conflict is too high a price for any political status. May the Kashmiri Pundits get back to their homeland.

May the mainstream media have the common sense to understand the difference between journalists and fixers, wheeler dealers & middlemen. And no, Amar Singh is not the Journalist of the Century’.

May Indian voter vote for India & elect a government which is accountable to India, Indian voter & the Parliament.

Wishing India a 2014, full of prosperity, equality, opportunity, built on meritocracy, free from dynasty, communal violence, terrorism, caste, Tejpals & Asarams (& their lesser known ilk) and sycophantic, feudal, opportunistic & divisive politicians.