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Naved interrogated because he is a Muslim: Extra-Human Rights Groups

07, Aug 2015 By fundude

Yes, you’ve read it right. Extra-human right groups of our tolerant country have done it again. This came right in time for the rescue of ‘innocent Naved’ who is alleged to be the terrorist behind military convoy attack in Jammu.

Naved, the messenger of love; the prophet of mankind.
Naved, the messenger of love; the prophet of mankind.

“Naved is being falsely accused,” Said a liberal humanitarian activist,” He had just come to do a Bajrangi Bhaijaan in India. We should help him and send back to Pakistan with love. See, only love can vanquish the problem of what you media-persons call global terrorism.”

“He is only 22. How can someone so young do any such brutal act like killing,” Said another activist. He was scratching his white beard with scholarly care. He further added, “We’ll not let him die a Yakub death in India. We’ll go to any extent to free Naved, the messenger of love; the prophet of mankind.”

Out-of-job Digvijay Singh left his comment from Nepal, where he had gone for his 5th honeymoon. “I recommend that he should be sent to some rehabilitation center and given a decent job here in India. We should set an example for the world. You bomb us; we will build you.”

Meanwhile many NGOs and Bollywood celebrities have been reported to come in open to support Naved and ensure his safe return to Pakistan.