Friday, 27th April, 2018

Letter to Ponam Pandey from his Fan

20, Dec 2012 By ScrAtcHySingH

Dear Poonam Pandey,

I am a Great cricket fan, I am your fan too. It has been 2years since India won world cup. I have been praying every single match so India can win and your wish of getting nude could be fulfilled but you did not complete your promise. I was disheartened. You promised to go nude at several occasions but you fail to complete your promise.

This is just a reminder if the world does not go end on 21 Dec 2012 can you go nude. chances are God will kind to us and will not end the world, Just to see you nude.

If you still don’t plan to go nude Here is a piece of advice * Turn on all notifications on twitter. * Set your phone to vibration * As usual upload a Semi-Nude Pic on Twitter. * Everytime someone Retweets or Star or @ you, enjoy the vibrations. * Now Go to Hell.

from your biggest fan, Scratchy Singh