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Jhakistan announces war after bookies ruined financially

26, Dec 2013 By Babasilla

Finally, Jhakistan declared another war with their father nation.

Citation taken from official document as follows:

Fact to underscored, that our nation and pride citizens going to evidence of another cataclysmic situation since maintaining friendship with neighbor nation is appearing as hard-hitting task. We keeping eye on every political situation shaping within India for last two months. Our patience comes to end now, resulting into a resolution passed by parliament unanimously & now ready to take plunge against the nation who does not take more than an hour to devour our land entirely. Yet we tempting for another war.

Our bookies went mistaken always when we are coming up for huge profit to come & ready to sponsor the Taliban and ISI from those bucks, but at the very absolute tick, bookies went wrong time after time.

Similar event happened last time, when bookies sat ready to party, shockingly a news came comprising chunk of information that sultanate of Delhi headed for President Rule, a cheerful moment for us, but a mango man entered into frame to turn out the situation together with demand letter consisting of eighteen entries and spoiled the party.

Now Uncle Sam eying on us, demanding his share too, hitherto Uncle Sam gone overboard by throwing the dialogue –“beta, tum se Naa ho paega”. It is absurd indeed.

Now an issue banging your wit vis-à-vis Uncle Sam, is quiet logical, actually huge amount of dollars borrowed to offer key facility to their citizens such as education, infrastructure, food, sanitation, etc, irrespectively.

Bookies emptied pockets absolutely, in fact bankrupted already, Hitherto, we finding ourselves so deficient in organizing some toast, fried eggs, pastries, etc, on this occasion of Christmas for Taliban’s, instead managing with sodium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, etc, as substitute. This is too cold-blooded, isn’t it? it is out-of-bounds. In addition, it is very ill time and unfortunate. After all, they are our children’s & in fact, more than our offspring actually, for the sake of humanism at least, they hold elementary right to celebrate Christmas as well.

Anyhow, when our regime intervened, bookies feeling relaxed to deal with and to borrow a number of dollars from Cheeni regime & brothers with the guarantee of 40% share. As now, situation went above and beyond our duty, wondered how such an overboard state of affairs had come about, Khujliwallah going to put another list of 18 demands before going for oath ceremony, he transgressing now, very trustworthy sources of ours confirmed the news piece, as stated in official document released by Jhakistan Govt.

At time of penning this text, Indian regime headed for Khujliwallah formula; Mohallah sabhas to take further decision against Jhakistan. I hope that this formula works phenomenally.


Jai Hind Profound Regards BabaSilla