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Interview of a married woman for the benefit of the unmarried ones

05, Aug 2013 By Anil Sharma

A 26-year-old woman, Rupali Sharma, from Haryana (yes there are women in Haryana), today talked to Faking News about her married life experiences. Check out what’s her say on married life.

Reporter:  So, what is the definition of “Husband” for you?

Rupali:  A husband is someone who after putting salad on plate, gives the impression he just cooked the whole dinner.  And this definition is not just for me, this is for every wife in the world.

Reporter:  Then why does every woman need a husband?

Rupali:  Well, we can’t blame Government for everything gone wrong.

Reporter:  But men complain that wives complain a lot? Is this true?

Rupali:  Good question, Captain Irony.

Reporter:  Then, what’s the problem?

Rupali:  The problem is that their Insurance Policies mature before they do.

Reporter: Okay, but what do you want? What should the husbands do to make their wives happy?

Rupali: Well, they should at least say the three magical words to the wife once a day.

Reporter: Oh, romance. You mean they should keep saying “I love you”?

Ruapli: I love you? Why? By three words I meant “Let’s go shopping”.

Reporter:  So, all in all, your husband should be there when you need to err.. want to shop?

Rupali: Yes of course! And when there is a lizard or a cockroach in your bedroom.

Reporter: And don’t you think that every wife should take good care of her husband too?

Rupali: Yeah, sure thing and we do care for them, we don’t let them watch TV, watching TV is neither good for your brain nor for your eyes.

Reporter:  Alright, in the end, on a lighter note, what’s worse than a husband?

Rupali:  A retired husband.

Reporter: Any advice for all the girls who are dying to get married?

Rupali:  Yes, never agree with your husband unless he is accepting he is wrong.