Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Innocent nonsense

03, Dec 2013 By iamgreat

There is a certain matter bothering my ‘mind’ these days.

Why do kids of the day lose innocence at an age far earlier than you did?

I hear people attributing it to an overload of information.

If it were so, how a similarly placed Rahul G could retain his kid-like innocence?

No denying that Rahul baba defended him-self against all attempts by this wicked world to violate his virgin innocence for 43+ long years, which for sure, is a record of sorts!

So far as I knew, he never took it any kindly to people who went hoarse goading him, ‘Grow up kid!’

Isn’t it possible that your kids too retained their innocence the way he did?

I stoutly refute those corrupt minds who say that a 43 year old can no longer be a kid or innocent!

Rahul proved all such people wrong when he told the world, “my mother told me that what words I used in the ‘press club’ against the proposed ordinance was wrong!”’.

Tell me, how many of the new age kids enjoy such honest innocence?

That people equate ‘pristine innocence’ to ‘idiocy’ is another matter and the world abounds in all kinds of vicious minds.

Just concede that Rahul G is in a league by him-self!

Of course, there is a lot to do with the birth and brought-up.

But then, don’t waste my precious time and your precious breath arguing that all kids can’t have Sonias for mothers and Gandhis for fathers!

Find some other way, Okay?

And ha, don’t mix up innocence with nonsense.