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Indian political parties, explained for techies and nerds

30, Jan 2014 By eldrichr

1.       The Indian National Congress They are like Windows. Everything falls apart with use works, the end users don’t like it, the management want you to like it, you know there are tons of scams bugs and loads of other problems. They’ve been in power control of your PC for so long that you don’t seriously consider an alternative till the next scam breaks virus hits. Plus, the fanboys of the other two are constantly trying to accuse the UPA 1 and 2 Windows Vista and XP of being the reason why you have to pay more taxes upgrade your PC’s hardware ever so often. And the most important factor is that it seems to be largely controlled by one family man.

Operating systems
Which one is yours?

2.       The BJP They are like Mac OSX. The have their ardent fanboys who swear by anything Modi Jobs says. Bills that were passed years ago Features that existed years ago in other operating systems suddenly become news in each of their rallies conferences. Oh, and if you say that the BJP and Modi Apple and the Mac are bad in any way, be prepared for the ire of lots of people who know little about what they are saying save for information presented in the television advertisements. And they usually have high maintenance and running costs since they claim that they are scam fee software piracy is hard.

3.       The AAP They are clearly the smallest players, who are often touted as being giant killers, a la Linux. One man had a vision of a corruption free government virus free and secure computing environment and legions of others followed him. Their central ideas are excellent on paper but poorly implemented. While Kejriwal the Kernel works like a charm and is hailed by everyone as being excellent, the rest of the party supporting software  is, meh. Everyone knows that the idea will work but no one will put in the coordinated effort required to get rid of corruption software bugs. And, when some sections of the AAP Linux camp have differing views, they will form a new political party OS fork and the leader will claim that freedom of choice is a good thing.

Cheers, from Fish.