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'Homosexuality is illegal!' countries elite defend SC's decision

13, Dec 2013 By salvius

In a shocking revelation a survey conducted by FN to get a reaction from tier 2, pseudo celebs and bureaucrats unleashed the dark side of the Indian mentality. The move actually has popular support.

“Population has been our biggest asset, it is the only sector we have had phenomenal YOY growth in since independence, allowing homosexuality to flourish would endanger the growth rate, with political parties not living up to their usual meaningless agitations the Supreme Court had to step in, we applaud the courts decision” said a serving minister of HRD on the condition of anonymity speaking to faking news on the SC’s decision on criminalizing consensual homosexuality.

A hard line hindutva activist from Gujrat had a different view, “What is homosexuality? two men playing  Dandiya? there is a time and place for every festival and it must be celebrated as a community event only. Privatizing such popular community festivals for the sake of individual pleasures is not right. Hail the Supreme Courtji for protecting our community’s sentiments”

AAP members weren’t too far from joining the pro ban brigade, voicing the inner feelings of the aam aadmi across the contry a AAP activist said, “The aam aadmi is fed up of faggots, trying to lure them when inflation is at an all time high. Think about it banning homosexuality would put most of the leading fashion designers behind bars (and they wont complain cause there be so many men over there) this way those atrociously expensive unwearable clothes will become affordable to the aam aadmi. We stand by the court.”

Lallo Prasad Yadav couldn’t hold his excitement on the ban either, in an exclusive with FN Lallu spat his ever so precious paan to convey his thoughts. “Ab aadmi aadmi ke sath sambhog karenge to aurat ke jism ki aag kaun metayega? Ye nari jaati ke prati atyachar hai.”

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