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Genius Gandhi celebrates catastrophic reputation damage

29, Jan 2014 By manas303

You got him wrong. The man is a prodigy. He knows by looking and sounding dumb he could win the hearts of all those like minded people who have been voting for congress for 60 years and he also knows those who are mocking him never actually vote so he had nothing to lose.

All Rahul baba’s answers kept oscillating from opening the system to empowerment of women, to handing the youth the power and then back to opening the system and the cycle continued on and on till the time Rahul baba actually confused (read annoyed) Arnab forcing him to ask Mr Gandhi the harshest question that disturbed his concentration on performing the aforesaid oscillations.

That question was if his M.Phil degree from Cambridge was authentic. A little rattled by the question Rahul baba quickly gathered himself and shot back at Arnab, “Where have you got your degree from”? Even before Rahul baba could start to give his condescending smile, the answer came : “Oxford”. Silence prevailed for a second or two, but the shrewd and convincing dude that he is, he quickly said “look Arnab, I dont want to answer any superficial questions, please ask specific questions”, leaving Arnab totally baffled and thinking how more specific could he get?. Soon Rahul baba emerged victorious and got back to being dumb to the core by again running those oscillations starting from ‘opening the system’.

Arnab, in this interview, was also seen a little subdued by the presence of the smart Rahul baba and he just couldnt attempt to repeat his same question (that he repeats 10 times atleast, with the epilogue of his song beginning with “the whole nation is waiting for your answer..”). Other politicians who had to undergo this song trauma by Arnab in previous interviews have demanded a probe in this matter to find the reason behind this unprecedented and extremely professional restraint exercised by Arnab.

Rahul baba after demonstrating extreme mental retardation in this interview was later seen celebrating with fellow congressmen, Digvijay Singh seemed the most jubilant, the success of this interview as he has reached out to the whole country and and so many ordinary people now know the real him. Manmohan Singh later in the day tweeted, “Rahul Gandhi,the name is an oxymoron given to him by his parents (as in dazzling darkness)” He later retweeted that he forgot to put ‘oxy’ within brackets.