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Friends on demand - WhatsApp generation

31, Dec 2013 By spitzer433

And you thought Facebook was an addiction? The subtle manner in which WhatsApp has managed to sneak into our lives is one for the textbook.

This morning the writer woke up to a storm of pings evidently from his girlfriend demanding explanation for his unsolicited well pronounced visibility in the wee hours on WhatsApp.

Well!! Once in a while guys do get drunk and need to relieve their wee wee in the middle of the night. The writer happens to be an occasional drunkard who habitually stumbled upon his gadget for fornication (mobile) while negotiating his way to the loo.

However, mindless surfing to check ‘Godknowswhat’ on WhatsApp isn’t considered and impunity by the Godly app and it’s more than happy to announce to the world who was seen toiling and when. This morning ordeal ironically left the writer fishing for answers like how it matters even if he were online at 4 a.m. Gone are the good old days when a storm would be raised only if one was found tagged in an unanticipated pic of gf’s sworn enemy.

Now, one’s every footprint is trailed and nailed like a bloodhound on fox hunt. Girlfriend, of course, is not to be blamed. The Cultural Evolution which had been showing patterns attributed to redundancy suddenly took a hairpin turn with the advent of WhatsApp. The writer now realizes why his gf insisted on using this app for their constant communiqué.

With this app you get caught whenever you start showing a deviation from normal social intercourse (choice of word!). As soon as one installs this lethal game setter one is exposed to wild possibilities by getting in touch with almost anyone whose number ever got fed into one’s phone book.  Even complete strangers come face to face for the first time as there’s no way one can stop that first ping before tasting the flavour of dialogue.

If it’s a hit, you’re on. If miss, try rest of the numbers. Perverts, pseudos and no hopers could have only imagined pinging so many people without any baggage of keeping up appearances as on social networking sites such as FB. One might not look cool or hot or even human to be able to chat freely behind the veil of a freely available mobile app.

The writer has also benefited from the spoils of this diabolical blessing. Sharing pics has never been so handy. Be it those birthday suit pics, outing with friends pic, spying on people pics or intimate ones, all can be clicked and shot instantly at the receiver without any regard to her/his consent. Ergo, the little fun gadget has doubled up as the agent of fornication that gratifies all the senses. One just needs to be pard enough to ask and experience a deluge of emotions from the other side. If Freud were alive he certainly would have been delighted in seeing a practical demonstration of his theory of psychosexual development. Sex at the heart of every human emotion, friends on demand, friends at service, occasionally more than friends, WhatsApp has brought us closer than ever to that absurd nudity that has till now masked itself successfully from human eye.

Often a means of remonstration, love, falling in, falling apart, building trust, confiding, seeking pleasure, WhatsApp has become the ether of fleeting thoughts and suppressed emotions. No surprise why the writer chose to smile at the unexpected tirade from his lover early morn. He knows what goes in the mind when one sees ‘that’ person loitering around in a fool’s paradise while one had been oblivious, and what the mind concocts in the follow up. Blame WhatsApp.