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Five reasons why common public can’t let celebrities have their private life

12, Jan 2014 By idiot420

Be it Ranbir-Katrina image leak or any other similar breach in personal life of stars, media has always been blamed by celebrities that they are not valuing their privacy. Here is Faking News analysis of what exactly compels media and public to do so.

Because we own them.
Because we almost own them.

1. It’s a fundamental right: To know almost everything about our favourite celebrities is one of the many undeclared fundamental rights (like inhaling oxygen, taking bath) that humans practice.

Now why we deserve this fundamental right to always keep an eye on celebrities’ life? Because, their celebrity status is a result of cumulative public effort, we are like parents to them. And parents love to know how their child is doing. The way we use to be excited about any upcoming movie of the star we like, almost as excited as parents are for their child’s exam performance.

Like a typical parent we want to know everything about them, every little detail like what are they eating, what are they doing all day, who are their friends, whom are they going to marry, when are they going to marry.

2. To us, a celebrity is not less than an alien: As most of us haven’t seen them in real life, there’s a sense of mystery around them and their life.

Most people think that they are some kind of outlandish creatures, probably that explains people going gaga over pics and videos of celebrities doing daily life activities. “Oh my God, Salman is drinking water,” was reaction of a fan after seeing Salman’s pic, as if she saw an alien drinking water, which of course is a matter of surprise.

For example, a common man whose wife is having a crush on Hrithik, never minds it. He thinks that there is nothing to get worried about, because he believes that it’s not possible for an aam aurat to have an affair with an alien.

There was an incident where a girl fainted due to shock and disbelief after she saw Ranbir Kapoor live. Another 16 year old boy from Gorakhpur still believes that these heroes and heroines are computer generated graphics and they don’t exist in real life.

These evidences justify to an extent that, celebrities are not less than an alien to common public.

3. We love to know more and more about good looking people: It’s one of the many dark secrets of human beings which we generally avoid to confess. But presence of so many good looking men and women in film industry and showbiz reinforces this point. The very idea of star celebrity brings to our mind images of good looking men and women.

It’s a kind of addiction from which we are suffering since ages and it compels us to peep into celebrities life. For example, Ranbir-Katrina photo leak became more viral than Uday-Nargis photo leak, although Nargis presence was heavy, but she couldn’t pull it off because of Uday Chopra.

KRK is more aware about the world than Varun Dhawan, who don’t even know who is India’s President, but it’s all because of looks that Varun is a star and KRK is still KRK.

It may sound racist to a certain degree, but as they say, truth is bitter.

4. It’s economical watching them in news than watching them in movies: To see them in movies we need to pay money, in fact a considerable amount of money (including exorbitant price which we pay for popcorn at multiplex). While on news channels, we get to see stories about their life, almost free of cost, except a nominal expenditure on home made popcorn. And who doesn’t love freebies?

We even conducted research on a group of people, where we put Rs 200 ticket on watching Bollywood gossips, and surprisingly they lost interest in film gossips.

For actors like Salman Khan, whose off-screen life is more interesting than on-screen life, why would someone not be eager to catch news and gossips related to him on TV? And that too without paying anything.

5. We exactly don’t know what to do without them: Most of us are just clueless about how we are going to entertain ourselves if film industry extincts all of a sudden. Human mind has evolved in a way that filmy news, either good or bad, is synonymous with happiness.

Some experts even claim that happiness index of India is rising due to more and more movies being made each year. For instance people become happy after watching movie, become happy after knowing box office figures. We just love to discuss anything related to film, in order to pass time.

Even if a movie star is making news due to wrong reasons, like Sanjay Dutt went to jail, we weren’t exactly happy but were quite excited. And being excited is something which doesn’t happen with us on daily basis in our otherwise boring life.

Movies and movie stars related news help us to be happy and excited, it is something which we can’t afford to ignore.