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Five lines of defence Tarun Tejpal can resort to

23, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

While Tarun Tejpal has been demonstrating amazing agility & dexterity in moving from one defence to another on the issue of his alleged sexual assault on his colleague from Tehelka, there are several other tried & tested lines of defence which he can use to get out of this situation.

Tarun Tejpal
Tejpal thinking which strategy should he follow

Secular Card: He has already enhanced his stature by saying that it is a political conspiracy. But that is a line which every two bit politician parrots when caught with fingers in the pie. He needs to upgrade this logic by adding the secular – communal hyphenation. He can claim that the victim is a right winger, communalist or worse an RSS agent. After all, a secular victim would never complain about any misdemeanour or crime of a fellow secular. This would wake the MSM, give them the courage of conviction to defend him. Added half liners from Sh. Digvijay Singh would help and investigation agency & courts would be unable to take any action unless Justice Goswamis and Prosecutor Dutts pronounce their judgement.

Training Exercise gone wrong: He can claim that he was training the victim for another sting operation and a misunderstanding on the part of victim led to her injured modesty.  Tehelka already has a history of using honey traps for sting operation and that makes the premise believable. If he can claim that the planned sting operation was against communal forces, nothing like it.

Play Victim: He can release alternate version of video grab (from existing stock of Tehelka) which depicts him as the victim. He can claim to be hero by saying that though it was his modesty which was attacked but his chivalry forced him to apologize instead of putting the girl in an embarrassing situation.

Underage Rapist: He can always claim to be juvenile, whatever be his physical age. There are examples at national level where the middle aged men project themselves as mama’s boys and behave like teenagers.

Last Resort: If nothing else works, there is always Nirmal Baba. He is the right person to tell him that “Aapne 10 Janpath par devi ke darshan 6 maheene se nahin kiye. Kripa wahin se aa rahi thi.”