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Fallout of Krishh3

06, Nov 2013 By thephilospher

Krishh3 has brought much need relief for Rahul Gandhi who has in recent times been a cause celebre for all and sundry strata of the society.

Rahul G was seen in a slim fit jeans with a Armani T-Shirt sharing laughs and drinks with his friends. He had been working too hard to appease all with his witty remarks. He deserves this chill time as he is likely our next Prime Minister. After all, pappus are also human beings with the exception of Krishh.

Krishh3 is likely to make the makers of Ra.One regret for not being persuasive with film board for nominating the movie for Academy Awards. Now given that they missed the chance last time merely because audience could not recognize and understand the flair of Ra.One makers. But makers have realized their mistake and are now looking forward to get Ra.One its due respect in the film fraternity. So this means that the plans for a sequel of Ra.One are underway.

Who knows there could be sequels of Rowdy Rathore, Body Guard and Chennai Express in coming months? The same would not be a bad idea as these movies should be able to generate at least 200 cr per movie and add the same to our faltering economy.

NaMo’s capabilities to boost economy could still be doubted, but these movies are sure shot winners at box office. Well, this could be a good opportunity for government to rein in fiscal deficits and in fact, if government could introduce progressive tax slabs on movies. Say, a movie with 100 cr rev should be taxed at x% and if movie garners Rs 200 cr then tax could be x+5%. As we Indians can have one time meal in just Rs 12, we have sufficient money saved in our piggy banks which could be spent on movies for entertainment.

Thankfully to movies like Krishh3, we are not required to depend just on Rahul Gandhi for his wise cracking jokes. Rahul G can chill out for a while and think over his speeches which help us in recollecting old forgotten concepts like escape velocity. A sincere thanks to Rahul G for saving every parents’ face before their kids as parents’ are being reminded of key concepts by none other Rahul G, whom everyone unnecessarily addresses as Pappu.

It seems that Rahul G has picked his unique and unbeatable way to win parents’ heart and thereby votes in upcoming general elections. Meanwhile, audience can continue to enjoy power packed combination of Transformers, The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and X-Men . Well, isn’t amazing and unbelievably inexpensive experience? Sab movies ka mazaa ek movie ticket ke price mein.

One of the major fallout has been for studios engaging in production of aforementioned movies. US movie production houses have found a strong competitor in Krishh which is a very cost competitive production. Studios have said to be rethinking their strategies to counter the threat of Krishh and series of newly revealed villains namely, Kaal and Maanvars.

A source has mentioned to our reporter that the plans of acquiring of Filmkraft Productions is being considered seriously by these studios. This acquisition would not only rein in the threat of a charismatic superhero on studios’ revenues, but also help them use Filmkraft’s state of art production house. Otherwise even the attainment of escape velocity of Jupiter would not have been to help these studios to elude from Jadoo and Bournvita powered, Krishh!

What else could have been asked from a movie ? Krishh3 stands out as an entertaining movie for which rating could be given as 6/5. It is simply an out of the world movie!