Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Fakes contribute to Faking news

20, Oct 2012 By jokervoker963

Why fakes contribute to faking news?

Because they look at the world Ulta.

Are the comments also fake?

Of Course.

Who reads Faking news?

Fake people.

What is special about these fake authors?

They are avid newsreaders.

Do anyone take Faking news seriously?

That is called Oxymoron.

How Faking news was born?

Once upon a time there was this world when there was no television, no Arnab, no internet and people read genuine news. And then the world was seized by technology and people had everything in excess. And television channel invented Breaking News where they broke news that everything is ok! And plane crashes, train accidents, terrorist attacks  and ordinary news became breaking news for the channels.  The power of television was used by activists and in the din people needed a diversion. And thats how Faking News was born.

Thus Faking news is an offshoot of Breaking news.