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Confessions of single south Indian girl in her early twenties

02, Jul 2014 By humorcop

In south India, the ideal age of marriage for girls is somewhere around 21-24. When someone actually finds a single south Indian girl in her early twenties, she is most frequently confronted with questions like the following:

“Student?” “Yes” “Early twenties?” ‘Why do you care?’ but says “Yes” with a smile. “Outgoing?” ‘What the hell?’ but says “Yes” “At least average looks?” ‘Don’t you think I look pretty?’ which comes out as a stupid smile. “Independent?” ‘Stop doing this to me!!!’, but retorts with a half grin answer “Yes” “Married?” “No” “Boy friend?” ‘Is your son single?’, but comes out an embarrassing “No” Now comes a few suspicious and weird glances from the person quipping out those questions. Hesitatingly, comes up the next. “Are you….Straight?” “Of course Yessss!. Why would you think I’m not?” “Then, why the hell are you still single?” “Because I didn’t find the right guy and not yet ready for marriage. Can’t I be 23 and still single?”

When Anuradha, a pretty south Indian girl attended her cousin’s marriage, she never expected that it would turn out to be the most embarrassing day of her life. And probably for her parents’ too.

By the time she reached home and tried to take rest, the only thing which reverberated in her ears was, “So, when is your marriage? Found someone or would you listen to your parents’ choice? Ain’t 24 too old to get married? Forget education, you can study after marriage.”

She was so vexed and tried to relax her mind by logging onto Facebook, only when things became even worse. Her wall was completely flooded with change of relationship statuses and so-called creative albums of her friends’ marriages.

Some of the most liked pictures are those of two rings in a close-up shot, a leaf hanging on one of the trees, rose petals on an altar etc followed by a trillion wedding albums each having a million pictures.

At a time when finding a single girl has become a nightmare for suitors keen on getting married, girls like Anuradha are hard to find. And when people realize that such girls exist, suspicion floods their brains with a plethora of questions. Maybe, relationships will sustain better when age stops being the deciding factor!