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Commuter from Borivali allowed to board Churchgate train coming from Virar during peak hours

10, Aug 2014 By umangsp

Traveling in Mumbai locals during peak hours tends to get ugly,tiring,frustrating and sometimes inhumane. In such times, a bit of of humanity experienced is rare and good to see. I was fortunate enough to experience such situation when during the morning peak hours of overflowing trains, a passenger from Borivali was surprisingly allowed to board a Churchgate train coming from Virar, after his repeated pleading. Luckily for him, the train had an extended halt, allowing him to board the train.

Anirudh Sharma, a resident of Borivali west, was late for his meeting which was to be held in Nariman Point at 9.

”I knew I’d be late if i took a slow train starting from Borivali. So I had no other option but to try and get a fast one to reach Churchgate as soon as possible,” he said after he successfully boarded the train.

Now the commuters are very smart here, just before the train halts at a station, they pack the gate by adjusting a fifth guy on the footboard rather than the usual four, so that the people trying to get on can be convinced that the train is packed and there’s no space for an extra commuter inside. Anirudh, unaware of this tactic, tried to make his way inside the compartment multiple times but to no avail. Admitting his defeat, he gave up and started pleading with those standing at the gate instead.

Boss urgent haiChadne do naPlease” multiple times. But the commuters didn’t even flinch. They plainly ignored him. Anirudh just stood there, unaware of what to do. The train started to leave the station slowly, when the fourth of the five guys, of which I was one of them, called him. Anirudh’s eyes lit up and he started running for the train. The guy, went back to his original place inside the compartment to let Anirudh board the train.

Successfully boarding the train and making sure that his body was properly balanced on the footboard, he thanked the guy for his generosity. “Faith in humanity restored”, he said mockingly.