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Class V student writes about his thoughts after watching NDTV

21, Apr 2015 By manithan

An Indian school gave assignments to its Class V students and as a part of General Knowledge; they were told to watch NTDV and write about what they watched in that news channels for three days. Teacher who gave the assignmentswas shocked when she went through the submitted assignment responses. Except one, none of the other kids had written anything for the General Knowledge section.

But, this one kid’s response was circulated online by someone and this has won the internet. Follows below the kid’s answer under GK section:

As soon as I went to home, I sat down to watch NTDV. I watched NTDV for a total eight hours in the past three nights. NTDV is really good channel. It is really entertaining. The aunties were really cute. I didn’t watch the uncles though. After watching NTDV this much, I’m convinced that the real threat to India is Hinduism. Daddy told me that I’m Hindu, and now I’m feeling ashamed to be a Hindu. Daddy said that it is not an issue and that we can convert from Hinduism if they give caste-based reservation. When will Modi do that?

I don’t know why my neighbor Pratap uncle hates Pakistan. Whenever he visits my home, he used to talk bad about Pakistan. But, after watching NTDV for three days, I found out that Pakistan is more peaceful country than our country. NTDV showed that Hindus kills Christians and Muslims in India, which is very bad. I wish I was born in Pakistan, where I can talk freely with my Muslim friends. When I become old like daddy, I will surely marry a Pakistani girl and will live there.

In one program, uncles and aunties were discussing about beef. I ate beef then and there. My mom used to scold my dad for buying beef in hotels. I thought mom was good, but now, I’m convinced that mom is not only bad, but communal and fascist. She also not having Jesus and Mecca photo at home. Only Ganesh photo is there in our home. I’m feeling scared of how much rabid Hindutvavadi my mom is.

Homework given to the Class 5 student
A similar Homework given to the Class 5 students from another school

Mom is forcing me to drink Horlicks and Complan to grow. But I saw in NTDV that Hindu males alone are growing in India after Modi became PM. Today morning, when she gave me Complan, I explained her how foolish she is and how I can grow without drinking such boring drinks.

Last month, my elder brother was speaking to my mom about joining RSS. He is just 17 years old and I’m feeling angry about his radicalisation. NTDV taught me that RSS is terrorist organisation. But, why is my elder brother joining it? Shouldn’t he have joined ISIS or Taliban, which is lesser terrorist than RSS? RSS and Hindus are attacking Churches and demolishing mosques every day. I’m going to fight against my Hindu friends and make friends only with non-Hindus in my class.

But one thing which shocked me is, Govinda uncle was not making jokes when he comes on NTDV. He is also wearing girl dress (hehe..). I could not laugh at his jokes for first time. Dad used to laugh at Govinda uncle’s jokes on TV. I’m having doubts over my dad’s humor sense.

I once saw my Dad seeing NTDV screen having a Diwali lamp for one hour. It was not Diwali too. But, now I got its meaning. NTDV was celebrating cracker-less Diwali and by celebrating it on non-Diwali day, they were celebrating Diwali-less Diwali. I’m also not going to celebrate Diwali with crackers so that those cracker making kids can come to my school. But how will they pay 50,000 Rupees per month?

Thanks to my teacher for allowing me to watch NTDV. I’m happy that I got to see such an excellent news channel. I just want to leave school early so that I can watch NTDV for more hours daily. I’m sure I will grow as brilliant and intellectual student if I watch NTDV.

Note: I’m forcing my 3 year old younger brother to watch it too. He is crying whenever mom says ‘Om’ and is clapping when Pakistan wins in Cricket. Mission accomplished!