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Candid quotes from Koffee with Karan - Season 10

09, Dec 2013 By Suvo Palit

Inspired by the 2 most famous quotes from contemporary Indians – “Poverty is just a state of mind” and “I am still a Virgin” attributed to Rahul Gandhi and Salman Khan, Koffee with Karan started a new segment called “States of mind”.

Some of the immortal gems and the explanations offered by the participants are listed here :

Rahul Gandhi – Poverty is a state of mind. (just think you are rich, you wont feel hungry)

Salman Khan – Virginity is a state of mind. (you are a virgin till the time you think you are one)

Trinamool Congress – Change is a state of mind … (take it or leave it)

CPI(M) – Existence is a state of mind.  (so what, if its getting hard to find candidates for elections?)

Lalu Yadav – Corruption is a state of mind.  (it was just cow fodder after all)

Indian National Congress – Feudalism is a state of mind. (politics is in the genes though)

BJP – NDA is a state of mind – BJP. (with each passing day allies are becoming hard to find)

Tarun Tejpal – Moral policing is a state of mind. (ahem ahem)moving towards foreign shores.

Uncle Sam – Slowdown is a state of mind. (dollar is power and we’ll print some more)

Roger Federer – Retirement is a state of mind. (ask Sachin …err…Beckham …err… Isinbayeva …err… yeah .. Vishy Anand)

Ronaldo – Messi is a state of mind. (when will Real Madrid get Iniesta behind me?)

Pakistan military – Democracy is a state of mind. (we’ve got the guns, remember?)

Israel – Non violence is a state of mind.  (slap me once, I will slap you thrice and twice more)

China – India is a state of mind.  (just a place to keep Dalai Lama exiled, otherwise everything else Indians use are made by us)