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Can you escape the digital reach?

05, Dec 2013 By aarkay

Isn’t it inhuman of FB to ask ‘what’s on your mind?’ knowing well that my mind is still in a swirl? Not that I expect Facebook to behave any human though!

I suffered this ‘blocked-mind’ the other day, but had a lucky escape from what otherwise could have been a ‘busted-bottom’ as an add-on! The how and what of it, I’ll tell you once my mind clears up a bit.

Hitherto, Maheshbabu alone had that killer ‘punch’ to ‘block’ the ‘mind’! But that’s all passé!

Tell me, what chances does that Bruce Lee have against the genius of our Rajnikant in a fight? Zero that is equal to a big 0! Don’t look so damned confounded! Bruce Lee has just the physical reach, but none the digital reach Rajni baba has!

Uh, I recollect now, it all happened on that fateful night when I sat within the ‘digital reach’ of our “43rd century-non-definable-phenomenon” called R……….! No, no, not Rajni baba, did I not say it was the 43rd cent….non-def…..phen….? Gawd…. you truly deserve to get your bottoms busted and minds blocked! Don’t plead that you needed more time to recover from his last shocker!

Arre yaar, these are no ordinary times, no mock-drills anymore, don’t you realize it’s run-up time for the grand polls? An emergency? Time for you to pull up socks, tighten belts and brace up pronto with the best of chest-ups to brave the incessant shockers aimed your way? Aaah, now you know…. Who else? Yeah, yeah…. it’s the charming prince of erudite eloquence and darling of the nation! No wonder, the media needs him bad….to dole out their daily quota of subsistence! No, not fodder….don’t you ever lock horns with Lalu’s cow-herds!

It is fine with me, the old, unencumbered that I am. But you, youngsters need adequate life cover before venturing to face the ’’! True of course, the risk of ‘going insane’ can’t be insured against!

Enough braced-up as ever I was though, his prescription of ‘escape velocity of Jupiter’ made me wince and go ‘near-brain-dead’! I suffered a severely ‘blocked-mind’ but seated as I was in a chair, escaped the freebee I was referring to….the ‘busted-bottom’!

The best of the Medical fraternity advised me the ‘only antidote’ available for my condition on date……FB, the miracle medicine!

So now, my dear fellow faces, don’t underestimate the TV screen, taking it for an innate object that can do no harm! Be wary of what ‘digital reach’ is capable of….and those spills of atrocious wisdom from the ’’ coming off your TV screens and hitting your fragile brains!

Forget dalit empowerment for now; save your beans as best you can!

On your Guard? Well yes, that’s a lot better now….you can survive past 2014 to show your happy faces back on FB!