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Beginners guide to writing deep sounding poetry

12, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Ever felt the need to show off in a crowd ? Or maybe impress that girl you have always had a thing for ? Maybe, sound intellectual and deep meaning in general?

Fear not, the answer to all such problems is here. This post will help you write “deep and meaningful” poetry about any and everything including deep seas and a woman’s smile.

So lets us go ahead.

STEP 1: Believe in yourself

A poet needs to believe in his ability to express himself, nothing should be able to deter him, nor should he feel equal to others around him. The sense of a superior intellect should always be maintained.

STEP 2: Pick a topic

Self explanatory. Although things like “Threesomes with an elephant” or “My favourite Sex teacher” aren’t all that welcome.

So for the sake of this post, let us take a very simple example: Clouds. Alright, you with me so far? Good let’s continue

STEP 3: Build a story

We selected our topic as “Cloud”. Having said that, its now time to build the background story aka the summary of your poem. So what do you want your poem to be about ? Let’s work on that. Here’s a prototype

Clouds are seen in the sky(sky is blue). If they are gray colored then they might rain, else they are white in color. They are usually seen during the monsoons. During the night time, they aren’t really visible, although sometimes a red haze is observed when they are water laden. They have long journeys, and they are of various shapes. Famous quotations on clouds include “Every cloud has a silver lining”.

So now we have the background summary ready.

STEP 4: Make it deep

This would mean you relate it to something totally irrelevant and deep like life or love, or happiness or loneliness. ANything will do, just make sure it sounds deep. Here, let’s relate it to life.

So, we have clouds, that are either white, black, red, gray, scattered on a blue sky with a lot of silver linings. Can you see the poem present itself ?

STEP 5: Start writing the Poem structure

Let’s straight away go to the example

Clouds are scattered in the sky,

Sky is blue, and they are white,

If they are gray

then that means they have water in them

So, it might rain

(Clouds are life: Use this point wherever possible )

STEP 6: Finding the right words and rhyming them

Now here is the crucial and most important point. Let me straightaway go to the example at hand

Line 1: Clouds are scattered in the sky

Start by Jumbling up the sentence. So,

Line 1: Scattered are clouds in the sky

now, do away with one word, preferably verb to make it confusing

Scattered clouds in the sky

Voila!, your first line is ready !

Line 2:Sky is blue, and they are white

This time, we also change the preposition and remove the word cloud.

Blue skies with the white

Line 3: If they are gray, it means they have water in them

Jumble, remove words, change prepositions, also add a very random word like “and” or “if”, throw in a random difficult sounding word in there too.

with tepid Water in those gray (this makes no sense whatsoever, but go with the flow, its becoming deeper)

Line 4: So , it might rain

Now, this one’s a little tricky, because this line will have to rhyme with “white”. So think up of similar sounding words like “sight, might, bite, diet, light, height”

let’s go with “light” for this one. Now, its time for you to “deepen” your poem, so we use Rain in context of life in general. So use ‘life’ instead of ‘rain’ and things like “drops of” to get your ‘subtle’ message across. Then include any adjective(use a dictionary to find posh sounding words) before the last word ‘light’. I am going with

So, Drops of life, and dreary light

And voila ! Your first para is ready! See? Here it is again.

Scattered clouds in the sky

Blue skies with the white

With tepid water in those gray

Drops of life and dreary light.

Here, let me put that in a picture so that it sounds deeper. This will also help in getting you Quora up votes 🙂

white clouds

All in all, a completely-to quote Deepika Padukone from Chennai Express-“Baukwaas” Poem, ripe for all the wannabees out their. Have confidence, smile your beautiful smile, feign superiority, that my friend is the trick.

I could complete the whole thing for, but then again, poetry skills haven’t really helped me all that much in my attempts at wooing women. (Is it me, or do I sound too desperate in my posts?) ((Am I being self deprecating now, or do I actually not know, that my I talk too much about wooing woman ?))((( What the fuck does Self Deprecating mean?)))((((This is just too many randomly arranged brackets man, lets stop it here.))))

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