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Before Diwali:Government cuts petrol prices by Rs 1.5/litre; Vodafone slashes Data prices by 80%

01, Nov 2013 By dhotichor

This post is created in the interest of public of this politically incorrect country to inform them about a new conspiracy that our government is weaving with Multinationals. Please read thoroughly:

News 1: Government cuts petrol prices by Rs 1.5/ litre; Reaction:Public Happy *****

News 2: Vodafone slashes data prices by 80 %; Reaction: Public more Happy ******

Now two things are very common in festive season: visiting friends and family or sending them wishes on internet or through mobiles.

Now we have Diwali gift in both segments and this is making public confused and irritated, now they can not decide whether to visit people in person as petrol is cheaper or to wish them through mobiles as now 2g data plans are more cheaper. Utter ‘confusion’ is circling in the atmosphere with the ‘dangerous smoke’ which is coming out from ‘Agarkar Anars'( Ajit Agarkar is manufacturing these anars in diwali, after getting retired from International Cricket; their specialty is just like its manufacturer, get the quick start then go into the oblivion to finish).

As we can see here those who are in power making people confused by creating differences between their left and right lobes, which could lead to serious mental loss, and in this time of confusion and darkness, they can cover their dirty works and conspiracy( even Demigod Thor is visiting earth soon in this time of confusion to make his arrival discreet). We are nothing but the puppets of these politicians, they still follow the policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ given to us by Mighty England(not the cricket team of Lagaan).

By this we will only fight in our mind with our mind, as great musician Bappi Lehri once said in his opus biography,’Apki to Lehl Lag jaegi’. Same gonna happen with us if we wont contact the ‘Savdhan India’ team soon, only they can save us( I am pretty sure itna savdhaan Officers border pe nai hote honge, jitna ye hame TV pe karte hai, in our own house; even lizards of my room get in attention).

So here I am informing you people to not fall in this trap and think logically. As I have  used my data card to write this; or Should have I used my bike to inform people personally…:S Utter confusion here!