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After watching Deepika Padukone, all family members shouted "Their Voices"

02, Apr 2015 By Ankit Shah

Mumbai: Highly excited with Deepika Padukone’s latest “My Choice” video, reactions came from all the four walls of a typical “Mango Man’s” (Aam Aadmi) family. It goes something like this:

Overwhelmed by the video, the housemaid immediately shouted “I will be no more doing any household chores and enjoy rest of my life by consuming alcohol with my neighbour’s hubby, My Choice”.

At this, the housewife started with teary eyes saying, no more cooking food, no job, no parenting, no hassling, no bargaining, no religious stuff, no more wearing full clothes, no waking up at 6 am, My Choice”.

The daughter followed, no studies, no boyfriends, only girlfriends, no house work, no job, no granny-grandpas at home with me, no brother, no full clothes, My Choice.

After hearing all this, the man of the house danced, “Thank you Deepika for empowering all women around and for granting my bachelorhood again, you all, please leave my life and my home, my privileged choice, because my home is my universe”.