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Aam Admi Party & the story after the story Cinderella

14, Dec 2013 By @Jagadeit

As a teenager i always used to muse on various issues sometimes thinking about them on a later date and laughing to myself much to the amusement of people around me.

One of my favorite musings was of Cinderella – It used to go thus:

Cinderella marries the prince, comes to the palace, leaving her cruel step mother and step sisters behind. After a very passionate night with the prince where her physiology took over her, she is overwhelmed by her new life and doesn’t know how to be a princess. The next day morning Prince goes to his work as usual, now that Cinderella is his and he need not worry about her, our new princess is left with a lot of time not knowing what to do.

Yes; not knowing what to do, she began spending her time with workers of the palace just like she would do in her father’s home earlier -“Like a servant” and “with the servants”. One day the prince came early, saw her in that fashion; his passion for her dwindled, he spent less time with her now and Cinderella spent more time in palace-like a servant.

She rarely took care of herself or groomed as she was not used to those things in her earlier life under her step mom, ate with servants, grew fat and gradually lost her beauty; slowly the prince stopped seeing her and she ended up becoming another servant among many in the palace.

Meanwhile her step sisters who were unmarried;  groomed themselves well, took care of what they ate, had the etiquette of the noble, used to attend all the debutante meetings with grace, dignity, a little humbler post their defeat to Cinderella with regards to the Prince’s love; they continued their education under a suitable teacher who taught them ways of life.

The Prince over few years totally forgot about Cinderella, he was the king now, who did not have the romanticism of a teenager and was looking for a suitable noble match. He met the step sisters of Cinderella in a function, was impressed by their grace, dignity, knowledge and humility. He proposed marriage to them which they agreed gracefully.

The step sisters post their marriage to the king came to the palace as queens, Cinderella meanwhile continued being the servant she was as before.

This is what is going to happen to Aam Admi Party,  AAP being the Cinderella, Prince and King being the citizens of Delhi, the step sisters are of course BJP and Congress.

Views are completely mine, people are welcome to criticize and have their own Cinderella story or stories.