Tuesday, 23rd May, 2017

Aam Aadmi to join politics??

29, Nov 2012 By teja

If Aam Aadmi will join politics than who’ll be left on losing side? you and me?  huh..

Well, the fact is that nobody is free to join politics or protest. Everybody has got family to feed and don’t give me fuck about youngsters joining politics because they have got so called studies and yet to be girl friends to take care of.

So, Big Question, What can change system?

What can change irregular water supply at ur home, who’ll fix street light without light, roads in ur gali which gets reconstructed twice a year for the sake of contractor.

Answer is a VOTE.

Through the medium of faking news I appeal to all readers to vote in elections (Guj & HP just this Dec and 2014 center).Spare the time of few minutes on the day of voting , Go Vote and make your area less corrupt.

Recent American elections indicated people don’t care whether you are black or white or brown, Asian or American or African. What people care about is development, work to happen in reality and in the end of the day not getting KICKASS by getting fired. Nobody wants pink slips.

American election also mentioned that money flow from B-2-B (Business to Bureaucracy) does not elect the govt. Phenomena that UPA will soon experience in India.

I initiated this post being sarcastic as regular but sarcasm came back on me just like spinner friendly pitch came back on Dhoni (As I write this MS Word gives me suggestion that its Dhobi not Dhoni)