Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

A new demographic in India for voting henceforth Corrupt and Non- Corrupt

20, Oct 2014 By saltywonton

After 6 decades of experience; in implementing and supporting worlds largest democracy, India was has been still battling with the age old challenge of corruption, as though it was something only unique with India.  Its also one’ of the favourites in media with highest TRP ratings and no solution. The irony is the Common man wants a solution, there are groups who claim to give the solution and there are groups who play with both these groups for publicity, promotion and advance of their activities. Thus it can be said that corruption helps further corruption.  One can have a whole family tree or flowchart on how it works. Again this is not unique for India. Corruption is with mankind, but every country battles with it as though it were a problem they are facing; but not their “own” problem.

A task force “Operation Bhrashtachar” was set up to study why India ends up or could not so far get any confidence of getting a corruption free even after several elections. Studies are reflecting certain results which can be explained as follows.

It is understood that in democracy the the people voted for are representatives of various groups which driven by commonness of ideas and objectives. Whenever a leader is elected sooner or later he or she turns corrupt and thereafter their offices and so on and so forth.  It is possible and it stands true everybody agrees to the essence of corruption although denies it in principle before anybody.  Thus instead of forming groups based on religious, social, economical ideas, rule of law based or liberal ideologies, we could form two sets of leadership.  The basis or political ideology behind these two sets would be the one’s who want to be corrupt and the one’s who do not want to be corrupt. Thus the Corrupt and Non- Corrupt.   Instead of shying away people should openly come out of the closet and declare themselves corrupt and form a group and other set with people who do not wish to be corrupt. We will have majority and minority groups unlike a religiously, socially, economically driven minority groups based on the numbers in each of the two groups.

Corruption can be regulated by the law as to how much corrupt can people get and regulated transactions or actions of corruption, for eg. amount/rate of bribe; ineligible license for business, driving, etc. ineligible contracts, etc.  So whichever group gets elected monitors if these corrupt rules to support corruption are followed or not.  This will be performed by both parties (Corrupt and Non-Corrupt) in their respective positions as elected or opposition.

Businessmen, government offices, leaders, sports professionals, social service organizations, media, etc. can choose which ideology it wants to supports openly without fear and function accordingly. At least this will be up front.

The possibilities of this kind of structure is still in progress to finalize the task force report.