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A letter to Railway Minister

09, Feb 2015 By Truly Candid !!

Feb 9, 2015

Honourable Minister, Ministry of Railways, New Delhi, India.

Dear Sir,

First let me introduce myself, I am US Citizen who like travelling different countries. Recently during my visit to Incredible India I got a chance to use Indian Railway services. My experience was so mesmerising that I am compelled to write this letter to you.


This all started when I had to go to Patna urgently while I was in New Delhi. There were no direct flights, so someone suggested me Indian Railways. Sir, That was so far second best advice someone has offered me in my life (Best one was related to my previous expeditions in Iraq and Syria).

I immediately booked a cab using Uber to New Delhi Railway station after stealing a knife from my breakfast table. We arrived safely on time but I decided to keep my tool with me for rest of the journey. I was on the verge of cancelling my journey after seeing 2 Km line at ticket window when an angel arrived. Excellent customer service sir, Excellent!! You get already printed ticket without being asked at a nominal premium. I am still wondering how your Customer Service Executives forecasts demand to provide these exceptional services.

Then I moved to platforms only to experience your energy efficient passenger movement mechanism. You only have to stand facing the direction where you want to go and the crowd will take you there.In western countries we are still wasting lots of money and energy on escalators and elevators. I have to wait for 6 long hours for the moment of truth but it was worth waiting. Only after train arrived I realized that Patna is such a famous place. Again same energy efficient mechanism helped me to board the train.

I have visited Disneyland quite a few times sir but no ride can match Indian Railways. I only managed to put my lower half inside the coach. With right hand I was holding the handle provided at the gate and my left hand was acting as a handle itself for the next passenger. Such a good lesson on teamwork, all American corporates should send their top management for this ride. With the movement of train cold breeze starts striking my face and I almost felt like Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic’s iconic scene. Ohh!! Next time I will be bringing my girlfriend with me.

There were two small compartments at the end of each coach that initially looked like toilets. I almost get confused after seeing 5 or 6 people in every such compartment. But then It clicked ‘Theme Based Travel’, Exceptional Sir!! Exceptional!! They must have purchased business class or something.

Train almost crawled with unscheduled stoppages after every 5 Kilometres. But keeping in mind the experience and safety of passengers that was really important. We reached Patna after 58 Hours, Yes!! full 58 hours of thrilling experience in only few hundred Bucks.

I am sending one copy of this letter to Federal Railroad Administration for their reference. I request them to send special delegation to India to study your exceptional services so that those can be replicated in States.

A Truly Delighted Customer, California, United States.

Copy to –

(A) Federal Railroad Administration, United Sates    (B)Ministry of Tourism, India.

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