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7 stages at PSU (Poorna Sarkari Upkram)

17, Sep 2014 By Nitesh Wasnik

Stage 1: Miracle: Getting placed at PSU (Read that as Sarkari job with deceiving CTC {Cost to Company} & negligible THP {Take home pay}).

Stage 2: Honeymoon period: All pay and no work makes Jack a happy boy (Replace Jack with your name as Jacks generally don’t take home Oscars).

Stage 3: Denial: This isn’t happening, What the hell is happening?  I can’t stay here for too long (Lets post it over Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Hi5).

Stage 4: Anger: What the f**k is this $#!t? I deserve better! (Why the hell I opted for engineering? Where are those uncles and aunts that said “बेटा Engineering कर लो आगे बहुत scope हैं”)

Stage 5: Desperation: Appearing for as many exams as possible (without much preparation that is). CAT, GATE, IES, IAS, GRE anything & everything (baring 10th & 12th exams)!

Stage 6: Realization: Failing miserably in aforementioned exams. (बेटा तुमसे ना हो पाएगा )!

Stage 7: Acceptance: At Least I get paid at the end of each month, positively. (Then make a post about 7 stages at PSU and hope it gets published).

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