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3 Idiots still haunted by Ghosts of Godhra

28, Dec 2013 By basoo

Well, a survey was published by ABP-AC Nielsen which found that people feel Narendra Modi is the best leader, shoulders above MMS and the Italians… Well, expect “Hang Modi week or Month” from the media now… Prepare yourselves for that onslaught… My fictional account of how the “debate” will go…

What options does he have?
What options does he have?

3IDIOTS: (Burqa, Rajeep, Arnab) Will Modi be able to get away from the “Ghost of Godhra”

SIT team member: But we found no evidence to implicate anyone including Modi.

3 IDIOTS: But will the ghosts go away…. Sanjiv bhat has provided enough evidence

SIT: We found no evidence, he has lied repeatedly, gotten fake diaries registered through a compliant DGP, etc….

3 IDIOTS: But will the ghosts away…. Zahira Shaikh has given tons of evidence to Teesta

Audience: Ahem, but wasn’t she declared a “Pathological Liar” by the SC, wasn’t Teesta faulted for coaching folks and giving fake affidavits ?

3 IDIOTS: But will the ghosts go away, tens of thousands of folks were massacred in that pogrom.

Audience: But didn’t the congress minister replied in LS that only around 1500 folks died and almost 700 of them were Hindus….

3 IDIOTS: But will the ghosts go away… until justice is done….

Ghosts in the Audience: Hi, we are the ghosts, from prior riots in Gujarat, Nellie Massacre, Sikh Massacre etc… where is the justice for us… ? The ghosts from the present cases under Modi, have all left as justice was done & convictions happened. Do you know when we can go away.. ?

3 IDIOTS: There you have it, we have some ghosts confirming in exclusive footage, that lacking justice they will continue to haunt us….. The Ghosts still continue to haunt Modi and the nation…. blah blah… blah….

God help us all….