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26 yr old sues Samsung, insists Samsung call its phones ‘landlines’

17, Dec 2013 By Shherr Kkavii T

It was the afternoon of December 07 that Vini Taneja, Head of Samsung’s India operations was informed by his legal advisor about a case that a 26 year old (name disclosed) had filed against Samsung. In the first of its kind, the 26 year old has claimed that Samsung should be penalized for cheating its customers by calling its smartphones ‘mobiles’. They, as he insists should instead be called ‘land line phones’.

Excerpts from his statement are as below:

I accuse Samsung of cheating its customers by classifying its smartphones as mobiles. Be it the S2, S3, S4 or even the mini television Note models, the phones have battery life so pathetic that the customer is forced to travel everywhere with a charger. I charge the phone in my house, charge it when I enter my car, charge it again at work and finally charge it again when am off to sleep. Even when I walk, I walk with the charger connected to the phone, making it resemble a land line. When I am not at my desk, I leave the phone back as it would be useless if not plugged in to the charger. I also accuse Samsung of pushing me into a state of trauma where I start searching for charging points wherever I go. I was escorted out of a garment store recently where I unknowingly entered the changing room searching for a charging point. In fact, wherever I see a hole, I try plugging my Samsung charger to it. Even my girl friend can testify to that,as she accused me of domestic violence after a similar incident. Hence Samsung smartphones better be classified as land line phones.”

Vini Taneja has announced that Samsung will shortly issue a reply to this case. Also, famed author Shobhaa De has announced her next book on domestic violence with mobile charger called “Raghuram se Ravan tak….. MOBIOLENCE”.

Meanwhile, in yet another bizarre turn to this case, Shehzaada has claimed that his brother -in-law Bob Vadra has no connection with this LANDLINE SCAM, and has accused Ashok Khemka to be behind this conspiracy.