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Yash Raj Films launch Sachiiin Sachin movie

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

On the occasion of Sachin’s retirement from cricket, Yrf has decided to join the nation in paying tribute to the maestro. The banner had initially decided to launch Sachin as an actor in this film making him the latest entry to the long list of Actor parliamentarians. It will be interesting to note that in 2011 Sachin had declared himself as an actor and not a cricketer and this film will stand a proof to his claims.

However our dreams of seeing God’s arrival in the film industry might have to wait a while as there are other people staking their claim on this role. In recent developments, Aamir Khan has expressed intentions to play the God’s role in the movie. However Aamir has put three conditions to YRF. One, there should be atleast a few scenes in which he can read out Sachin’s stats from a scrap of paper in the movie. Two it has to have Sachin giving gyaan to parents of buddying cricketers and third and most important he will say “mein ghar aa gaya baba” after his centuries in the film.

After this even Jaggu Dada has staked claim on the character of Ramesh Tendulkar, Sachin’s dad. A teary eyed Jaggu Dada was quoted as saying “Dhoom-3 mein Aamir aur meri Jodi darshako ne kafi pasand karenge, we will recreate the chemistry”. Yrf had also reportedly approached Hrithik Roshan for the main role. However Hrithik had expressed concern saying ” Film main Sachin naachega?” Other Bollywood heros have refused to comment on this matter.

Fans have expressed concern over Bollywood frontline heros depicting a sixteen year old Sachin making his debut. Mr. Khan has assured those fans that he is the only candidate who can play roles from 15 to 40 as he did in the critically acclaimed movie 3 idiots. In a sensational revelation he said that in TZP he was initially supposed to be playing the role of Ishaan Awasthi and not Ram Shankar nikumbh.

Following these developments Yrf has already roped in Katrina Kaif to play the female lead in this movie but are confused whether to give her the role of Sara or Anjali Tendulkar. On the other hand Yrf has also approached the “exotic” Priyanka Chopra for the film. Priyanka Chopra in an interview to us has revealed that she will sign the movie only and only if Yrf officially declares her as the heroine of the movie. She does not want a Krish controversy again.

Yrf are reported to be confused who is the heroine of the movie if there is one at all whether it is Sachin’s mom, Sachin’s wife or Sara, Sachin’s daughter. They have decided to come back to Priyanka with a clear answer next week. Former actor, singer and cricketer vinod Kambli has been drafted in to play himself in this movie. This will mark the superstar’s first non-negative role after Saach ka Samna and is calling Sachin ‘annadata’ these days.

Corporates have also planned to cash in on the bandwagon. After Bournvita’s critically acclaimed debut in Krish 3 , not to be left far behind, Boost has promptly decided to place their products in this film. “After all, we are the secret of his energy”, a company executive was noted as saying.

On being asked whether there will be any item number in this biography, yrf has assured us that the song “Aila re, ladka mast mast tu, aila re” will be remade to suit the situation.

However the movie has courted controversies from different fronts. The Censor board of India has already threatened this movie with ‘A’ ratings if Virat Kohli has any dialogues in this film. Star Sports1,2,3(4 has decided to stand out of it) have already moved to the Guwahati High Court for a stay on this film as they have claimed a copyright infringement over the name “Sachiin Sachin”. A major political party’s head has stated and we quote ”we respect Sachin but why not make a film on Atal Bihari Vajpayee also. His life also has many a stories to tell”.

Hope we will be seeing this rupees 200 crore movie very soon.