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Women left stunned as TV soap comes to an end

18, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Women across the country were stunned as a TV soap that had been running for five consecutive years came to an end. The show, named “Ballika Niharika Vadhu”, had been undergoing its fifteenth time jump when the makers suddenly announced their plans to end the serial.

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“I am so shocked,” Monika Singh, a housewife said in an interview with this Faking News reporter. “I had been cutting vegetables in the afternoon with this TV soap playing in the background, for four and a half years now. The best part about it was that you didn’t really need to watch it to understand what was going on in the story. You could glean where the story was from the show’s ads playing in the evening, every now and then.”

“Now that it’s over, I am not sure how long my marriage will last,” Ms. Singh added. “After all, I have no idea what will happen to the original Ballika Vadhu’s great great great grandchild from her third marriage, who had died but managed to come back after a car accident.”

“Shouldn’t they at least have told us what happened to her?” she demanded angrily.

The makers of the show refused to come on record but one of them did admit, off the record, that the viewership of the show had fallen to five housewives and one cow in rural Gujarat. The man blamed the “Modi wave” for claiming the viewers of the show.