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Women Commission sends a notice to Chetan Bhagat over Half-Girlfriend

15, Sep 2014 By Manas Gupta

Chetan Bhagat and his Half Girlfriend
Chetan Bhagat and his Half Girlfriend

Famous youth writer and bestseller Chetan Bhagat was in for a shock today when he found out that the National Commission for Women (NCW) has sent him a legal notice over his upcoming book Half Girlfriend. NCW confirmed the news saying that they have sent a legal notice to Chetan Bhagat requesting the court to ban his upcoming book Half Girlfriend.

NCW’s ex chairperson, Ms Mamta Sharma expressed her disappointment over the title of the book. “This is a serious matter,” she said. “Mr Bhagat has crossed all his limits. A title like this will further marginalise women who are already vulnerable and unempowered. This is a slap on the identity of women. Our existence is being “fractionalised“. Why this absurd, though curious, title?”

Another member of the commission chose to remain anonymous but voiced her opinion freely. “Mr Bhagat is now marginalising the existence of a rare category of women: the girlfriends. Every boy will now ask a girl to be his half-girlfriend. Then men will ask women to be their half-wives. We will not this happen. If you want a girlfriend, take it in full.  Moreover, the all this idea has been depicted coming from a woman. Ridiculous!” she said.

Chetan Bhagat, on the other hand, is elated. “My book has never had any strong female characters. I don’t write for a society. I write for boys. And boys want girlfriends. Be it half or full. Doesn’t matter to them. This new concept would soon turn into a new kind of relationship. People will then make movies on it. No one’s existence is being marginalised. Girlfriends hardly exist. Most of the boys just dream about them. This is a book of hope for them,” he added with a grin.

While NCW said that they will fight till the end, Bhagat is quite sure to win the case himself adding, “I know the judge was once a boy and he will know it”.