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Woman to sue Khan family after husband went into trauma after watching Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya

01, Jul 2014 By sarcastic4ever

Mumbai. In a dramatic and historical day in the Supreme Court of India, reports leaked out that a Hashwariya Bachpan, a 37 years old woman and mother of 3 (Sofail, Balman, Barbaad), had lodged a case against the Khan family and sued them for Rs. 100,000,000 after her husband Abhishake Bachpan went into metal trauma after watching the movie pyar kiya to darna kya (PKTDK).

Abhishake Bachpan, a 43 year old IT professional seemed to be in normal senses; was behaving as pervert as ever on 21st of June while getting down from his Faccenture bus and staring at Savitha Bhabhi from the corner of his eyes Kisaan Tharakwala, a local bhojpuri movie CD seller informed. “He got 4 movies from me that day and wanted to watch all of them during the weekend,” teary Tharakwala mentioned, with him possibly losing his most profitable customer.

Though it seemed it was going to be a happy weekend for Abhishake who usually sleeps in the dining room with the excuse of watching news but ends up watching MGM or a Bhojpuri film; he was never the same person after that day. Reports say that Abhishake’s mother in law (who is also an avid Balman fan) paid a surprise visit to his place that day. Therefore, he had no control over the TV remote and did not have the chance to sleep in the dining room, which was the just the start of his gruesome few hours before the incident happened.

While having evening supper; mother in law noticed that PKTDK was showing up (for 107437th time) on Zee Cinema; and it was no surprise that she was adamant on watching that movie even though it was the 6th time during this week. Although signs of nervous breakdown were appearing to show on Abhishake’s face but Hashwariya felt it was all due to the production release later this month and had nothing to do with the movie.

However, when lecturing his eldest son Barbaad the importance of studies a dramatic incident took place. Before Abhishake could finish his sentence Barbaad intervened and said “Bol diya abh meri sun” which shattered Abhishake and he started behaving like Salman Khan of PKTDK.

With Abhishake dancing like he is stoned and threatening to drive rashly on the footpath; the family decided to take him to a local baba which mother in law knew very well. Baba Hollywoodnath found the root cause after banging Abhishake’s head on the wall, burning his clothes and hitting him with a broom. His expert reports revealed that the major reason for Abhishake’s weird behavior was the unparallel pathetic acting of the entire PKTDK crew and not because what his son told him; which also correlates to the movie. Our team got in touch with Hashwariya and these were her words “Please leave our family alone and his behavior is not because of my mother or his production code failure but it’s because of the pathetic acting and storyline of the movie”.

A lot of non Salman fans agree with Hashwariya but the movie got support from hall of fame stars like John Abraham who stated “The acting in the movie is exceptional; I looked up to that movie as my benchmark and see where it has taken my acting career to. I do not believe in the allegations that are put on bhai”. On the other hand Uday Chopra who took his acting training from the lead actors of PKTDK said “Because of bhai and his family I got into Dhoom series through management quota. Their GOD like acting cannot be matched by Dicaprio”

Meanwhile, Salman Khan while playing Deer Hunter 2014 on iPad had this to say “Abhishake’s mother in law, the frustration of not getting a promotion and his production tickets are the cause of his mental illness” and had joy of tears after breaking his own highest score. Our trusted team member Arnabh Chaipani will scream into the matter and we will keep you posted about the proceedings.