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Winner of Vodafone Superfan Contest to retire and move to the Himalayas for Meditation

24, May 2015 By rish1908

Mr.Fan Singh, who recently won the much famed contest launched by Vodafone, has decided to retire from his personal and professional life and move to the Himalayas for meditation.

Fan, who won the Vodafone Superfan contest for the 15th May Match between Hyderabad and Chennai, announced his retirement plans on the ground itself while in tears and overwhelmed by the huge cheering of the crowd (which he thought was for him)!

“Some people dream of becoming a doctor, and some of becoming a scientist. It was my childhood dream to become a Vodafone Superfan. I always wanted to get an autograph of Virat Kohli sir and also wanted to take a picture with his whole team. I am immensely grateful to Vodafone for giving me this opportunity. The love and admiration that Virat had form me while signing the ball brought tears of joy. I will cherish this moment my entire life. Now I can retire in peace.” says Fan.

According to Mr. Hutch Sharma, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Vodafone India, “Vodafone has launched this initiative to give an opportunity to people like Fan Singh, who fail to achieve anything else in their life, to look forward to something in life. Infact one of the very reasons for organizing the IPL was to promote such people and give them their fair share of fame and success. Of course, it also helps Vodafone in brand and image creation, which otherwise was very bad due to our poor network and service. Seeing the success of the Vodafone Super Fan Contest, we are planning to divert more funds from “Network and Product Quality” towards “Advertisement and Branding”. After all, happy customers is our end goal!”